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Our Services

Full-service book packaging

We provide full-service packaging services for publishers, taking a book from raw manuscript to final printed product. We handle all aspects of the production process, including copy editing, layout (InDesign, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker), art creation (Photoshop, Illustrator) and/or acquisition, proofreading, indexing, and cover creation.


Our editorial services cover a wide range. We can help with initial content development, guiding your material into a format that is appropriate for your end product. We can also provide authoring services, should you need a well-trained or technical writer. From copy editing of large textbooks, to proofreading a brochure, we can help with any editorial phase of your project.


So, you've written a book, but don't have a publisher. Self-publishing is easier than ever today, and we can assist you through the process. We can handle all production aspects and give you exactly what you have in mind for your finished product.

Film and video

Whether it's a promotional piece for your company, an educational segment for part of a larger publishing project, or a short film or video, we can help. Writing, shooting, directing, and editing are all services we provide.

ebook creation

We can take legacy layout files and create an ebook from them, or create a new ebook product for you from scratch. We can convert the end product to a variety of formats, readable on just about any reader device.

Instructional design

Video tutorials.
Interactive scenario-based training.
Narrated PowerPoint presentations.
Flash animation scripts.
Different learners learn differently, so we specialize in helping to create new content or adapt your existing content into engaging instructional materials that are designed to enhance learning and retention for a variety of learning styles.

Graphic design

No matter how large or small your company, or what line of business you're in, everyone can use some graphic design help now and then. We provide a variety of design services: logo/branding creation, website graphics, posters, brochures, business cards, banners, and anything custom that you need.

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